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October 29th, 2021

We’ve been waiting almost two years for this day. From the day we stepped into the studio back in January of 2020 until now we’ve been patiently waiting for this moment. We had planned on putting this record out last summer, the music industry is a place where if you don’t act quick people can forget about you and that’s it. Any momentum you build and all of those special moments of light and hope can flicker as soon as they appear. But you’ve been with us through everything.


Can’t Hold the Light has been a giant undertaking for us, since Golden Hour we travelled basically all over Canada and even down in Nashville writing these songs about life on the road, falling in and out of love, and holding on to happiness in the darkest of times. We’ve worked with our ever growing team day in and day out to give you a little piece of ourselves, even when there were days we could have given it all up. but there’s magic in music and everyone who worked on this record knew we were creating something special.


We want to take this time to shout out everyone who’s kept our dream alive and allowed us to hold onto the light a little longer.


Chris Kirby, you’re the beating heart to this record, you produced this with as much passion and love as either way of us could muster and you are as much a part of this group as the two of us. You’ve also helped us write so many of these songs and teach us so much every day.


Scott Hammond, we don’t know anyone as sweet or as kind and as giving of your time as you. You mixed this album into a cohesive little present


Richard Bradley, if Scott made the present you’re the bow on top of the box. Making everything sound so perfect and making sure that the vinyl record is as warm as a summer day.


Aaron Bishop, dude you’ve been there for us through every single graphic and logo, through 3am calls looking for a T-shirt design, and this record is no different. The artwork is as much a part of the album as the music and you tell our story with what you do.


Tim Hardy, you’ve motivated and inspired us every day and you’re the reason that the hardest days grew to be walks in the park. You kept us working on this album when it was hard to see this day ever happening. Thank you.


To all of the musicians and writers on this record (there’s a lot of them so bare with us!)

  • Andrew Waite
  • Charlie A’Court
  • Jessica Pearson
  • Nick Earle
  • Peter Macdonald
  • Blake Reid
  • Taylor Guitard
  • Steven Bowers
  • Stephen Green
  • Jason Mingo (who also produced the title track)
  • Geoff Arsenault
  • Ronald Hynes
  • Andrew Sneddon
  • Kevin Fox
  • Ian Sherwood


Without any of you this album just wouldn’t make sense. It wouldn’t feel as perfect to us as you’ve made it feel.


To all of the amazing companies and crews we work with:

  • Sound of Pop
  • Ibookshows
  • Vocab communications
  • Soundbox music
  • Vocab communications
  • Principle Projects


If you’d had asked us 10 years ago that we’d have this amazing team backing us up we would’ve laughed you out of the room, but to know that you’ve had our backs through these past two years is truly breathtaking and we love you all.


And finally to you! No seriously you reading this. The people who take the time out of their busy lives to listen to our music, to come see us play and support us as we trek through this often wild ride. We’d have never gotten this record out of it weren’t for your support. We care so deeply for you all, for allowing us to be a part of your life gets us up in the morning and keeps us pushing forward day in and day out. We made this album for you! (A little for us) but mostly and always for you. Thank you!


Now! Go have a listen to Can’t Hold the Light however you like to listen to music! Let us know what you think about it and if you can and are able to pick up a copy we’d love for you to have one!


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